Reusable Water Balloons – The Viral Parent Hack You Need This Summer

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Reusable water balloons magnetic filled

As a mom, I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with summer. On one hand, the sunny weather and school-free days mean more time for family fun- yay! However, it also means finding ways to keep the kids entertained without turning our home into a mini disaster zone. And let’s not even get started on the dreaded task of filling up hundreds of water balloons for the inevitable backyard and local park battles.

But this summer, I stumbled upon a game-changer that has turned our summer fun from a chore into a breeze: reusable water balloons. Yes, you read that right. Reusable. Water. Balloons.

If you’re like me, your first reaction might be, “What kind of sorcery is this?” But trust me, these little wonders are as magical as they sound.

Reusable Water Balloons vs. Traditional Water Balloons

Traditional water balloons, while undeniably fun, come with their fair share of headaches. There’s the time-consuming task of filling them up, the mess they leave behind, and the environmental guilt of all that plastic waste. But reusable water balloons eliminate all these problems in one fell swoop.

There are three types of reusable water balloons in the market I’ve found, but the best one in my testing is the latex-free silicone balls with a magnet enclosure. All the kids need to do is dunk them in a bucket of water, and they’re ready to go. The magnetic reusable water balloon even closes itself! My kids had so much fun snapping the balls open and shut. No more fiddling with tiny balloon openings or dealing with the inevitable water spray from a balloon filled too much. And the best part? The kids can do it all by themselves.

Magnetic reusable water balloons
Testing out Reusable Water Balloons

Why Everyone on TikTok is Obsessed with Reusable Water Balloons

I’ll admit, I found these reusable water balloons because they were the bestselling items on Amazon. I didn’t realize it was a big deal on TikTok until I started researching, but now I totally understand why both kids and their parents can’t stop raving about this product.

The first time I handed my kids a bucket of reusable water balloons, I braced myself for the usual chaos. But to my surprise, all I heard were giggles and splashes. No cries of frustration over burst balloons. No arguments over who got to fill the balloons. Just pure, unadulterated fun for them, and uninterrupted cleaning fun for me.

And when the water balloon battle was over, I waited for the familiar sight of colorful plastic fragments littering the yard. But all I found were the reusable balloons, ready to be dunked in water and used again. No mess, no waste, just a simple solution to a problem I didn’t even realize could be solved.

But the benefits of reusable water balloons go beyond just convenience. They’re also a great way to teach kids about reusability. My kids were fascinated by the idea that they could have the same amount of fun without creating waste. It sparked conversations about recycling, conservation, and how small changes can make a big difference.

Are Reusable Water Balloons Durable?

Of course, like any great discovery, I had to put these reusable water balloons to the test. Would they hold up to a summer’s worth of fun? Would the novelty wear off? I’m happy to report that after countless water balloon battles, these little marvels are still going strong. And far from losing interest, my kids have come up with all sorts of new games to play with them.

From water balloon toss to a new version of “hot potato” (or should I say “wet potato”), these reusable water balloons have added a whole new dimension to our summer fun. They’ve even become a hit with the neighborhood kids, making our backyard the go-to spot for water balloon battles.

So, fellow parents, if you’re tired of the water balloon filling saga, I cannot recommend reusable water balloons enough. They’re easy, they’re well designed, and most importantly, they’re a ton of fun.

This summer, I’ve traded my role as the designated water balloon filler for a spot in the water balloon battles. And I must say, there’s something incredibly satisfying about landing a direct hit on your giggling child with a water balloon you didn’t have to fill.

Here’s to a summer of fun, laughter, and reusable water balloons. Trust me, once you’ve tried them, you’ll never go back to the old way. Happy splashing!

Where to Purchase Reusable Water Balloons

For those looking to join the fun, you can purchase your own set of water balloons from Amazon, Target, or Walmart. You can also check out our detailed review of recommended reusable water balloons.

How Many Reusable Water Balloons Should I Buy?

At roughly $3 a balloon, these reusable water balloons are not cheap. However, they should last you over multiple summers and the idea of it being reusable is that you should not have to keep replacing them. That said, I would recommend you purchase the 12 pack to start. This would give you enough water balloons for a water balloon fight, provided you have enough buckets of water nearby so your kids can refill (by themselves, of course!).

Do Reusable Water Balloons Hurt?

Short answer, no- the magnetic silicone reusable water balloons pop on contact like regular water balloons. When my son threw one at me, the balloon connected with my shoulder in a split second splash. There was only a soft thud against my shoulder versus any real pain. The thick yet flexible silicone blunted the force significantly. Though I was initially skeptical of these reusable water balloons, I was amazed at how they delivered all the wet and wild fun of a regular balloon fight, but with way less impact pain. The orb-shaped silicone cushioned the blow while the internal magnets added a fascinating splash of stickiness.

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