8 Best Chinese New Year LEGO Sets to Celebrate 2024 (Year of the Dragon)

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Last year, while perusing through Facebook at midnight, I stumbled upon a Lunar New Year LEGO set celebrating Lunar New Year traditions. It was so detailed and full of adorable cultural motifs (Red envelopes! Auspicious decor! The freaking God of Wealth himself!), I couldn’t help but proceed straight to the digital checkout line.

At the time, my kids were 3 and 4 months old- not quite ready to enjoy a 1,066 piece LEGO set. So even today, the Lego box is just chilling in my closet, waiting to be opened once I can share the joy with my kids…in a few years. 😅

Well, guess what? It’s 2024 and LEGO, being the enterprising powerhouse it is, has released new Lunar New Year sets to celebrate this year’s zodiac, the powerful and noble Dragon.

These kits are ridiculously cool and look like so much fun! Below, the MAF team has rounded up our top picks for LEGO sets you can celebrate the new year with. There are eight (8) of them (iykyk) – enjoy!

And somebody, please- hide my wallet! 🫣

8 LEGO Sets to Celebrate Lunar New Year

  1. Auspicious Dragon
  2. Family Reunion Celebration
  3. Lunar New Year Traditions
  4. Lunar New Year Display
  5. Money Tree
  6. Chinese New Year Eve Dinner
  7. Lunar New Year Parade
  8. Learn About Chinese Culture

1. Auspicious Dragon

auspicious dragon best lego chinese new year 80112

As a dragon myself, I’m partial to this zodiac year and this set in particular.

This epic dragon is full of fun details – the head tilts, the mouth opens, and it looks just like those mythical Chinese dragons.

The dragon is holding this traditional blue crystal and is perched on a rocky base, like it’s just emerged from the sea. It even comes with a nameplate, making it an awesome display piece.

Of course, this set isn’t just for kids; it’s for anyone who loves a bit of culture and creativity. It has 1,171 pieces, but don’t sweat it. The instructions are super clear, and there’s even a story about the dragon’s significance, which I found pretty neat.

1,171 pieces
Recommended for ages 10+
MSRP: $89.99 USD

Get it on LEGO.com | Amazon | Costco – according to Reddit

2. Family Reunion Celebration

family reunion celebration lego set cny 80113

Full disclosure – the full name for this set is the “Spring Festival Family Reunion Celebration,” so it’s not specifically built for the New Year celebration. However, those who know know that there’s also a tradition of the family reunion celebration for the new year, so I’m including this set on this list.

I enjoy this set because it captures the heart and soul of the family reunion dinner with its intricately designed traditional Chinese-style restaurant.

This cozy restaurant scene includes a kitchen buzzing with activity, a welcoming reception area, and a dining room that even has its own tiny karaoke machine (how’s that for authenticity?)! The details here are fantastic – a flower store, a dim sum cart, a street food cart; the rooftop dining area even includes hanging lanterns and fireworks!

1,823 pieces
Recommended for ages 8+
MSRP: $129.99 USD

Get it on Amazon.com | LEGO.com

3. Lunar New Year Traditions

chinese new year traditions lego set 80108

This set is like a box of nostalgic treasure trove- my childhood memories encapsulated in bricks. It features six Lunar New Year scenes, each bursting with authentic details and representing different New Year activities. From food shopping to making good-luck decorations, and the heartwarming tradition of visiting family and exchanging hongbao (red envelopes), it’s all there.

As a bonus, the whole family can join in the building fun, with separate instructions for each scene. It’s a great way to share the joys of the New Year.

In case you’re wondering, yes, this is the LEGO set in my closet, waiting patiently to one day be shared with my kids! #noregrets

1,066 pieces
Recommended for ages 8+
MSRP: $79.99 USD

Get it on Amazon.com | LEGO.com

4. Lunar New Year Display

chinese new year display lego 80110

These sets are recommended for ages 8 and up, but honestly they’re not that difficult and younger kids can definitely put these together with a bit of patience.

This set lets you build two festive display models, each with its own symbolism and meaning. The first model features golden ingots in the traditional Yuan Bao design, playful koi fish, and red envelopes – all representing good luck and fortune.

It even includes the “Zhao Cai Jin Bao” greeting, welcoming wealth into your home.

The second model is equally impressive with a beautiful buildable moutan peony flower, symbolizing blooming prosperity and happiness.

Symbolism is a big part of Chinese culture, and very much embedded in holiday traditions. Who knew “toys” could be so meaningful?

872 pieces
Recommended for ages 8+
MSRP: $89.99 USD

Get it on Amazon.com | LEGO.com

5. Money Tree

money tree lego set 40648

Ah, the money tree – what can be more auspicious of a symbol for Chinese New Year?

This special tree adorned with 20 tangerines, 14 red envelopes, and 10 coins. Each element is a symbol of prosperity and good luck in Chinese culture, making it so much more than a decorative piece.

It was quite simple to build, so kids younger than 9 can definitely participate. My 4 year old daughter did in it two sittings.

This Money Tree makes for a really interesting, modern take on Lunar New Year decor- a great way to usher in prosperity and good luck for the New Year!

336 pieces
Recommended for ages 9+
MSRP: $24.99 USD

Get it on Amazon.com | LEGO.com

6. Chinese New Year Eve Dinner

lego lunar new year eve dinner 80101

This is my personal favorite LEGO set from this list, but it was originally released in 2019, only in Asia, and it has since been retired on LEGO.com.

Last we checked, it is available to purchase on Amazon, but it’s going at market price, not original MSRP.

Nonetheless, this is a beautifully detailed set that captures the heart and soul of the annual family reunion dinner, a cornerstone of the celebration.

It’s a charming traditional Chinese house complete with a front door adorned with a Fu symbol (福), for luck and good fortune. Inside is a dining room that’s just buzzing with festive details- The centerpiece is the lazy Susan, instantly recognizable as a staple of Chinese restaurants and many multi-generational homes. The table is adorned with traditional Chinese dishes – think fish, chicken, jiaozi, and more, all in LEGO form! The rotating chairs for the six minifigures make it feel like a real family gathering.

To the side, did you know that the lazy Susan, with its rotating function, is a symbol of communal dining and togetherness, a vital part of Chinese culture and family gatherings? And here I just thought it was an efficient way to place food for a group meal. 😅

If you’re looking for a unique and meaningful way to celebrate Chinese New Year, or just want to add some cultural flair to your LEGO collection, this set is a must-have!

615 pieces
Recommended for ages 8+
Originally sold only in Asia

Get it on Amazon.com (Retired at LEGO.com)

7. Lunar New Year Parade

chinese new year parade lego 80111

This Lunar New Year Parade LEGO set was originally released in 2023 for the Year of the Rabbit, but it also features a Dragon because it’s the following zodiac.

This festive centerpiece features three connectible toy parade floats. What’s cool is the floats are interactive -as you push them, the Rabbit and Dragon move. You can also make the drummer figurine play the drums when you push the middle float!

To be honest, I rarely attend Lunar New Year parades in person anymore because they’re quite…loud. Now I get to be reminded of all the fun I had attending these in my childhood, in LEGO form!

1,653 pieces
Recommended for ages 8+
MSRP: $129.99 USD

Get it on Amazon.com | LEGO.com

8. Learn About Chinese Culture

learn about chinese culture 10411

Last but not least, the LEGO DUPLO Learn About Chinese Culture set is perfect for introducing the littlest members of our families to the wonders of Chinese New Year and traditional Chinese life. Ideal for toddlers aged 2 and up, this set is a treasure trove of cultural fun!

Your toddler can have fun serving up dumplings in the cute little café, or playing with the adorable panda toy and its bamboo snack.

The set is packed with activities. There’s a temple to explore, a school with a traditional chessboard, and even a fun ride on the bunny lantern toy. The doors and windows actually open, and there’s a toy treasure chest for all those ‘special finds’. This fun set is a whole world for tiny hands to explore!

124 pieces
Recommended for ages 2+
MSRP: $69.99 USD

Get it on LEGO.com | Amazon.com

Building a Lunar New Year Tradition with Lego Sets

In the near but not so near future, I hope that every Lunar New Year, our living room will transform into a mini Lego wonderland.

I love that I can share these sets with the kids and highlight the different aspects of our rich culture and history.

Growing up, I always enjoyed Chinese New Year – not only because of all the red envelopes, but I truly relished the family time I had with my close and extended family. I didn’t always understand the cultural traditions (thank you mom and grandma for guiding me through everything!) but I knew they were special and I was grateful to have them.

In today’s modern world, I’m so happy there’s a new, fun way to envelope my kids in Lunar New Year traditions. I hope to keep it up…for as long as the kids will indulge me. 🥲

Last But Not Least

Have you and your family tried building out some of these Lego sets? Which one(s) do you like best? Any hot tips on deals for these Lego sets? Let us know below!

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