Best Chinese Baby Books – Starter Pack for 2023

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Best Chinese Baby Book Starter Pack

Raising a bilingual child can feel like a thrilling adventure, and for parents introducing their little ones to Mandarin Chinese, the journey is full of vibrant colors, rich traditions, and fascinating stories. One of the most effective ways to immerse your baby in the language is through reading, and there’s no shortage of engaging, beautifully illustrated Chinese books that are perfect for young learners.

But with so many books on the market, how do you know which ones will genuinely captivate your child’s imagination and ignite their love for the language? Whether you’re looking to expose your baby to Mandarin for the first time, reinforce what they’re learning, or you’re a non-native speaker hoping to teach Chinese to your child, we’ve done the legwork for you.

Our Picks for Best Chinese Baby Books in 2023

We’ve compiled a list of the top Chinese baby books, combining cultural content with language learning. From touching tales about family love to lively stories about everyday adventures, these books will not only introduce your child to Mandarin but will also help them understand and appreciate Chinese culture. Start a wonderful journey of bilingual reading with our top picks for Chinese baby books.

Best Chinese Bilingual Books

bao bao learns chinese best bilingual chinese books

1. “Bao Bao Learns Chinese” by Peipei Zhou

This interactive sound book is a fantastic introduction to Mandarin for your little one. It combines the charm of a classic children’s book with interactive elements like music and Mandarin pronunciation. An immersive and engaging experience for both parents and kids. Due to the popularity of this book, there are now. 3 different volumes of Bao Bao Learns Chinese.
Rating: 5/5

colors of snow ice best bilingual chinese books

2. “The Colors of Snow Ice” by Lacey Benard and Lulu Cheng

This book is a visual delight that explores the beauty of the winter season. The story engages children’s imaginations while introducing them to different aspects of Chinese culture and language. It’s a charming and educational read for any child.
Rating: 4.5/5

one little pig best bilingual chinese books

3. “One Little Pig” by Maryann Chu

This beautifully illustrated counting book combines Chinese language learning with fun rhymes. The illustrations are detailed and colorful, and the story is engaging and educational. This book is great for teaching numbers and animals in Chinese and English.
Rating: 4.5/5

baby snack time best bilingual chinese books

4. “Baby Snack Time” by Judy Li

This bilingual board book introduces little ones to popular Chinese snacks through adorable illustrations and simple bilingual text. The touch-and-feel features add an extra element of interactive fun. It’s a cute and informative book for babies and toddlers.
Rating: 4/5

big cities little foodies hong kong best bilingual chinese books

5. “Big Cities Little Foodies: Hong Kong” by Cheryl Yau Chepusova

This delightful book takes young readers on a culinary tour of Hong Kong, introducing them to iconic dishes and sights of the city. The book’s beautiful and vivid illustrations will spark curiosity in young minds about other cultures and cuisines. It’s not only a reading book but also an adventure!
Rating: 5/5

Best Cultural Story Books in English

dim sum for everyone best chinese story books

6. “Dim Sum for Everyone!” by Grace Lin

This book captures the joy of the family tradition of sharing dim sum. With appealing illustrations and a simple, rhythmic text, this book is a delightful introduction to a variety of Chinese dishes. The story provides an excellent starting point for conversations about food, culture, and family traditions.
Rating: 4.5/5

eyes that kiss in the corners best chinese story books

7. “Eyes That Kiss in the Corners” by Joanna Ho and Dung Ho

This beautifully illustrated book is an empowering celebration of heritage and self-love. It follows a young Asian girl as she recognizes her features in the powerful and loving women in her life. The prose is lyrical, the illustrations are captivating, and the message of embracing one’s heritage is wonderfully presented.
Rating: 5/5

amy wu and the perfect bao best chinese story books

8. “Amy Wu and the Perfect Bao” by Kat Zhang and Charlene Chua

This charming story about a determined little girl trying to make the perfect bao is a joy to read. It’s a sweet and relatable tale about the universal quest of getting something just right, all while celebrating Chinese culture and traditions. The colorful illustrations and engaging storyline make this book a delight.
Rating: 4.5/5

the empty pot best chinese story books

9. “Empty Pot” by Charlotte Guillain

This reimagining of a Chinese folk tale emphasizes honesty and integrity. The book teaches that truth and integrity are valued above success achieved at any cost. With its simple language and moral lesson, it’s a good addition to a child’s library.
Rating: 4/5

I dream of popo best chinese story books

10. “I Dream of Po Po” by Livia Blackburne and Julia Kuo

This tender, nostalgic book tells the story of a young girl who misses her grandmother back in Taiwan. It explores themes of love, distance, and longing and is a beautiful tribute to the special bond between grandparents and their grandchildren. A beautifully written book with touching illustrations that may bring a tear to your eye. Rating: 5/5

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