About Modern Asian Family

Our goal is to create a community for Asian parents looking to embrace both tradition and change in raising the next generation.

As parents living in modern times, we walk a fine line between upholding time-honored cultural values while also adapting to the evolving world our children are growing up in. Our aim is to thoughtfully blend the best of East and West – staying true to the wisdom of our elders, while also being open-minded to new ideas and perspectives, and embracing the best of what modern life offers.

This is a place for us to have honest, nuanced conversations about both the joys and challenges of raising Asian children in a Western society. You’ll find real talk about both the joys and challenges of maintaining heritage while also moving forward. How do we balance high expectations with understanding and nurturing our kids’ unique passions? How do we keep family at the center while encouraging independence? How do we pass down language, customs, values without forcing rigid conformity? How do we thoughtfully blend Eastern and Western perspectives on education, activities, food and more?

Through blog posts, forums, interviews, videos and podcasts, we cover topics like: raising bicultural kids, navigating intergenerational family dynamics, celebrating holidays and rituals, cooking fusion dishes, teaching native languages, traveling to ancestral homelands, exploring Asian pop culture and media, and more. We’ll also share ideas on fun cultural activities, recipes, books/media and more to try with your family.

Most importantly, this is a positive and judgment-free zone. We don’t have all the answers, but by sharing our stories and struggles, we can learn from and uplift each other on this journey of raising the next generation of strong, smart, kind-hearted Asian kids.

So grab your favorite bubble tea or snack, have a seat, and let’s connect as an extended, vibrant Modern Asian Family! Whether you’re Asian-American, Australian, British, Canadian or from anywhere else in the diaspora, there’s a place for you here.

Questions, comments, or want to collaborate? Send us a message through our contact form!